Key Bindings

This is an archive of the various key bindings/shortcuts that I use across different software/hardware.


Window Manager

Basic Key Bindings

Key Binding Action
s-RET spawm terminal
s-q close window
s-SPC show run launcher
s-m toggle monocle layout
s-{h, j, k, l} cycle through windows
s-S-{h, j, k, l} move window
C-M-{h, j, k, l} increase window size
C-S-M-{h, j, k, l} decrease window size

Window States

Key Binding State
s-t tiled
s-S-t pseudo tiled
s-f floating
s-S-f fullscreen

Window Flags

Key Binding Flag
s-C-m marked
s-C-x locked
s-C-y sticky
s-C-z private

Basic Utilities

Key Binding Action
s-x lock the screen
s-S-x show powermenu
PRNTSC screenshot entire screen
s-PRTSC select portion of the screen to screenshot

Basic Programs

Key Binding Program
s-w web browser
s-e terminal file manager
s-S-e graphical file manager
s-d doom emacs
s-c calculator
s-v vscode

Key Remaps

I use a program called keyd to remap some of the keys on my keyboard. Here is my configuration:


# Make shift key oneshot
shift = oneshot(shift)
# Remap capslock to esc when clicked and the nav profile when holded
capslock = overload(nav, esc)
# Remap esc to capslock
esc = capslock
# Remap right shift to control
rightshift = rightcontrol

# Remap left control + vim keys to navigation keys
h = left
j = down
k = up
l = right


I use the Redragon Perdition 2 MMO mouse. It has 12 buttons on the side and allows for different profiles. I have each profile set to a different game/progam and a colour corresponding to that game/program.

This is what the mouse looks like: Redragon Mouse

This is my configuration:

Button Profile 1 (Default) Profile 2 (Runescape) Profile 3 (Doom)
1 M-left SPC q (weapon)
2 C S f (glory kill)
3 ESC ESC (inventory) TAB
4 C-c F1 (combat) r (mod)
5 C-v F5 (prayer) g (chainsaw)
6 C-z F6 (spells) t (BFG)
7 s-e F2 (skills) f (pickup)
8 s-b F3 (quests) c (crouch)
9 M-F4 F4 (equip) ESC
10 Decrease DPI
11 Increase DPI
12 Change Profile


I use a program called koreader on my jailbroken Kindle Paperwhite (10th Gen). This has a lot more features than the default reader program on the kindle including: epub support, sending books over the network, and way more.

These are some of my shortcuts:

Top Right (Contents) Top Left (Screen) Bottom Left (Page)
Tap Table of Contents Toggle Frontlight Go to Previous Location
Double Tap Book Map Toggle Dark Mode Bookmark Page
Hold Page Browser Refresh Screen Toggle RTL Page Turning

Wacom Tablet

In progress