Programs I Use


Operating system: I use arch, btw.

Terminal: I use alactritty as my main terminal. I am thinking of switching to kitty but the speed of alacritty just can’t be beaten.

Shell: I use fish as my internactive shell and bash as the system shell.

Window manager: bspwm

Text editor/IDE: I use a distribution of emacs called doom-emacs. If I’m just quickly editing someting in the terminal like a config file I’ll just use vi/vim, no need to pull up emacs for that.


File manager: I use a file manger less and less nowadays and just do everything from the terminal. If I do need a GUI file manger for some reason I use Nemo. I’ve tried others like PCManFM but Nemo has the best search functionality hands down.

Web browser: Firefox, obviously.

Mail client: I started to use the built in email client in emacs more but otherwise I use mailspring.

Video player: Used to use vlc, now I use mpv like all the cool kids.

Torrent client: qBittorrent.


Video and audio: I use OBS Studio to record video and Kdenlive to edit videos.

Digital Art: Been getting into digital art lately and have been loving krita.

Writing documents: Basic documents I write in markdown and more advanced stuff I write in LaTeX and compile to pdf. Emacs is also great for editing LaTeX docs, especially with live-latex-preview.

Office suite: LibreOffice. I pretty much only use an office suite for the spreadsheet program and sometimes the presentation program but I use org-mode in emacs for that now, still looking for a better way to do spreadsheets so I don’t need an entire office suite just to make spreadsheets.

PDF viewer: zathura

Image modification: GIMP