Operating system: I use arch, btw.

Terminal: Alactritty on desktop and iTerm2 on mac. Nowadays I mostly use vterm or eshell in emacs.

Shell: fish on Linux and zsh on macOS and eshell emacs.

Window manager: bspwm on Linux and yabai on macOS.

Text editor/IDE: GNU Emacs with the Doom Emacs configuration framework.


File manager: I do 99% of my file management with dired inside emacs. For the other 1% I’ll use the default file manager.

Web browser: Firefox, obviously.

Mail client: I started to use mu4e in emacs more but otherwise I use mailspring.

Video player: Used to use vlc, now I use mpv like all the cool kids.

Torrent client: qBittorrent on Linux and Transmission on macOS.


Digital Art: Been getting into digital art lately and have been loving krita.

Writing documents: I write almost everything Org Mode and I’ll export to LaTeX occasionally. Professional documents I write directly in LaTeX.

Office suite: LibreOffice. Don’t really use an office suite since I write documents and slideshows in org mode and LaTeX.

PDF viewer: I used to use zathura but now I use pdf-tools inside Emacs.

Image modification: GIMP


If you would like to suggest a program/software for me to try, you can submit the form below.